CTS wiring fix using off the shelf parts

discovered by Derburger I can’t believe how much smoother and faster this XT accelerates after I replaced the CTS wiring. Now the car has uniform acceleration, passengers don’t get pushed forward and backward around while shifting now. It’s stupid how much better the car drives after replacing this wiring.

All I did was buy a Bosch fuel injector repair connector, Dorman/Motormite part number 85850. The Coolant temp sensor uses this connector. I cut into the original CTS wiring which was corroded on the inside near the original connector, I soldered and heatshrinked the new wiring and connector in, put dielectric grease in the connector and CTS. Done! I highly recommend doing this if the CTS wiring is original like mine was. The P.O replaced the sensor because it flashed a code, but didn’t replace the wiring.


This XT runs and drives like a new car now! Idle is still at 1200, eventually I’ll find the cause of the fast idle but for now I don’t care.
Cross reference Bosch part number 018624