Converting a 4 lug EA82 Subaru to a 5 lug Subaru:

Rear end first: *** Parts Needed:

  • XT-6 rear Hubs
  • XT-6 backing plate(although stock plate can be made to work if converting from Disc)
  • New brake pads
  • New/machined XT-6 rotors
  • new cotter pin
  • Brake fluid

If converting from drum only:

  • Rear caliper from and EA or ER car
  • Caliper bracket for said caliper
  • Brake line from caliper to the car side hard line *** Tools Needed:
  • 3/8” Drive set with metric sockets and few extensions
  • 1/2” drive Breaker bar OR impact gun
  • 1/2” drive 19mm socket for lugs
  • 1/2” drive 32mm socket for axles
  • Jack with 2 stands
  • hammer for drums if equipped
  • PB Blaster… because it IS an old Subaru


  1. Remove Hubcaps (Throw at Jeffast out of spite)
  2. Using a BFbreaker bar or impact, loosen the center axle nut.
  3. Lift the rear of the car off the ground and support both sides with jack stands.
  4. Remove Wheels *** Converting from Disc
  5. Remove the brake caliper mounting bolts, the hydraulic line will not need to be removed.
  6. Remove the brake caliper and hang it with mechanics wire.
  • Caliper and bracket can be reused
  1. Remove brake pads from caliper bracket.
  2. Remove the caliper bracket(Two bolts)
  3. Remove the axle nut and remove the rotor
  4. Remove 3 small screws
  5. Remove the disc brake hub
  6. Remove the backing plate *** Converting from Drum
  7. Remove the axle nut
  8. Using a hammer remove the brake drum
  9. remove the brake line at the hard line from the car, removing a bit of line with the drum assy
  10. You will see 3 small bolts behind(not directly) the brake shoes, remove them.
  11. Pull Brake assy off the car *** Installing XT-6 Rear hubs and brakes
  12. Add XT-6 backing plate
  13. Attach hub with 3 mounting screws splining the axle.
  14. Spin the axle nut on the axle.
  15. Place the rotor on the hub
  16. Attach caliper mounting bracket
  17. Add new brake pads
  18. Attach calipers, top bolt first then swinging down, if converting from drum a new brake line will be used from the caliper to the car body, otherwise make sure you remove the master cylinder cap and depress the pistons.
  19. Bleed the brakes if the system was opened.
  20. Add nice 5 lug wheels and set torque
  21. Lower car to ground and torque axle nut. ***

Front End conversion

Where is the Front End Conversion?