Extending the life of your Cv axles (changes)

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Finally got around to putting new boots on my CV joints. Decided to try something a little different.

Took off both sides at the same time. Removed the outers and cleaned them up and stuffed the new grease in them. Then returned them to the opposite half shafts. The left one went to the right side and vice versa.

My thinking is that the races wear only on the torque side. So if you place the torque on the coasting side of the race where the race is pristine, it should be like having brand new CV’s.

Just took it out for a spin up 81 a bit and back… No CV noise so far.

Well it’s been a year now! Smooth sailing on the swapped CV’s.

Only put about 11k miles on them this past year. But, for all IAP’s they have behaved and sounded like brand new joints.

I can make lock to lock turns with complete confidence… not like the olden days

Written by Wayne Hollyoak

Wayne - I’ve been a tech for 25 years, have a degree in Auto Tech, seen s zillion backyard and old timer’s tricks -

This is simple friggin genius! So obvious you think “Why haven’t I thought of this!”.